Thursday, April 26, 2012

[Music News]: Nicki Minaj Back on Twitter, Announces "Starships" Video Premiere

Good news, Barbz: Your leader has returned to Twitter.

After a weeklong hiatus, Nicki Minaj reemerged on the social media site Wednesday.

In her first tweet back, the Pink Friday rapper rallied her devoted fans, writing: "salutes the nation of Pinkslam* *hugs the barbz* *kisses the barbz*"

Although Minaj's army of pink followers isn't as strong as it was a week ago—she's down to around 9.2 million followers now from her previous 11 million plus—she's not concerned.

"State of the Union: Dear Barbz, our nation will not be fully reinstated to 11 million [followers] for another few days as per @twitter," she wrote. "It takes time ;)"

Minaj temporarily quit Twitter after she was criticized for saying that she wanted to "kill" her father on Nightline . She tweeted—and then deleted—that there's only "so much a person can take" and said "good f--king bye" to her followers.

"A voice in my head told me to delete my Twitter and that's what I did," she explained during an appearance on BBC's Graham Norton Show.

But Minaj couldn't abandon the self-promoting Twittersphere for too long—she's got an album to sell. She reminded her fans with a tweet that "the Starships video premieres [Thursday] on MTV @ 7:56pm EST."

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