Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[Entertainment News]: ‘HBO Was Murdering Horses,’ Says PETA, As Luck Is Cancelled Following A Third Horse Death

The death of a third horse on the set of HBO’s racing drama Luck has brought filming to a screeching halt and the cancellation of the series, and now can exclusively reveal that a spokesperson from PETA predicted there would be another fatality and pleaded with the network to change their safety policy but her request was ignored.

The latest tragedy occurred when the thoroughbred reared and fell back on its way to a racetrack stable on Tuesday at the famous Santa Anita, California racecourse where the show was filmed and the horse was later euthanized, leading HBO to announce on Wednesday that the network is now cancelling the show.

“It is with heartbreak that executive producers David Milch and Michael Mann together with HBO have decided to cease all future production on the series Luck,” said a statement e-mailed to from a HBO spokesperson.

“Safety is always of paramount concern. We maintained the highest safety standards throughout production, higher in fact than any protocols existing in horseracing anywhere with many fewer incidents than occur in racing or than befall horses normally in barns at night or pastures.

“While we maintained the highest safety standards possible, accidents unfortunately happen and it is impossible to guarantee they won’t in the future. Accordingly, we have reached this difficult decision.”

In an exclusive interview with, just minutes before the HBO's surprising announcement, PETA vice president and equine specialist Kathy Guillermo revealed that numerous sources close to the production had called her over recent weeks predicting that there would be more blood shed at the race track.

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