Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Album Cover]: Chris Brown – ‘Fortune’

Chris Brown suits up on the slick cover of his fifth album Fortune. A light shines down on a bespectacled Breezy, who poses against a blue backdrop with “Fortune” tiled behind him in different languages. The album, featuring the singles “Strip” and “Turn Up the Music,” arrives May 8.

What do you think of Breezy’s artwork? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Dat cover iz very cute, sexy, and mature

  2. it is a step down from the FAME album cover, that was classic, this is futuristic

  3. love it!!! cant waittt to hear it! <3 team breezy muah

  4. I like it but weird just a little

  5. looks like his artist forgot to change the cover font from wingdings LMAO

  6. fail cover again, why is he making everytime shit covers ?

  7. TheirthedevilschildrenFebruary 29, 2012 at 7:56 PM

    Done like by 15 other artist already, lacks originality… anything else I forgot to say…
    Oh yeah # Waaaaaaaaaaaaack
    He should just go throw more chairs on Good morning America, attack his girlfreind or anything else he can do for press.
    His music= Autotuned out!
    His Dancing= Quit trying to combine Michael Jackson and Usher, you’ll never be as great as either
    His performances= Thank God for lip singing
    He’s an over hyped yellow bone boi just like the rest of black hollywood. Black hollywood is a joke there’s no variety and they always release the butt ugly darkskins. Its a race that doesn’t embrace beauty on its darker side and as a caucasian with several beautiful dark skin freinds I find the Chris Browns, Rihanna’s, Beyonces, Ciara’s to all be quite wack. This is why us whites will always be on top, we have brunettes, blondes, green eyes, blue eyes, fat, skinny and all the varieties of our race on tv, and so do the hispanics :)


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